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Cold and wet…

Well, there’s no point denying it, January and February are cold and wet, and whilst ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ might have a bit of truth to it, no one really likes being wrapped up in polyester, barely able to see out from under a hood, in the dripping wet. Well, maybe not no one…

So why on earth come to Forest School through January and February - the cold, wet winter?

* Resilience, and hopefully a lifetime of enjoying being outside in any weather for little ones

* Worms - ‘nuf said

* Fun! From messy play in puddles, mud painting and rolling/sliding to catching raindrops on our tongues, and building ice sculptures to rolling giant ice marbles!

* A different sensory experience - everything is different in the rain and ice, whether it’s the feel of squishy or crunchy mud, or the sound of rain drops, or the smell of the earth after the rain

* We’re safer outside! Now more than ever, being out in the fresh air not only reduces the chance of sharing winter germs, but can actually boost your immune system.

I am someone who loves being out in all weathers but you can’t beat that feeling of satisfaction and well earned cosiness that only comes after coming in from the cold and rain to snuggle up at home.

I hope that’s enough to tempt you!

Sessions will be running Thursday, Friday and Monday mornings (sorry, no Saturdays this half term - please check your email/junk if you’d booked) and you can always come for a trial to see if it’s for you!

Cass x

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