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Keeping warm…

Hi Everyone!

Please check your junk for a quick hello email from me ahead of sessions starting back this week, but in case you miss it, here are the highlights…

It’s going to be chilly so layers are the key!

Base layer (thermal top and leggings)

Mid layer (think long sleeve cotton top or thin fleece and trousers)

Outer thermal layer (coat or thicker fleece jumper, fleece trousers if needed)

Outer shell layer - waterproof the outside!

Then add protection for extremities – head, hands and feet, and sun protection if bright.

Whilst our sessions aren’t too long, getting cold and wet isn’t fun. Please don’t forget yourselves!

I’ll be bringing a bag of bits I’ve amassed over the last few years (with both my boys being at fully outdoor nurseries) for you to look through and take an item or two for your little ones to use if there’s something you’re short of.

And this term, along with snack, I’ll be offering a hot squash for little ones too, and sparking up the fire bowl for our sessions.

Please don’t forget your mug for your hot drink (though I do have a few spares if needed!).

Looking forward to welcoming you all to the woods!

Cass x

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