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How to find us

How to find Chaldicott Barns:

Chaldicott Barns can be found off Tokes Lane in Semley. The full address and postcode is: Chaldicott Barns, Tokes Lane, Semley, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9AW


What3words for the parking is: pins.shook.spreading


What3words for our woodland home is: trappings.dressings.pegs


The Barns are home to Compton McRae, amongst other businesses.


This is off the entrance on the A350 side of Compton McRae (the drive is marked with a map of the Barns and Units). 



Parking is up this drive on the left hand side by the Fire Assembly sign (and new EV charging sign). This is the side closest to our woodland site.



If this area is full, please park behind Compton McCrae or in free spaces around the units.

The parking areas at the site are in constant use by a number of different businesses, so please do be mindful of turning circles etc. to avoid any parking challenges!

Where to go

Once you’ve parked, please make your way down the drive on the A350 side of the site to the gate about half way down, just before the open grass. It's a short walk to our site, which is about 200m along one of the beautiful grass rides through the woodland. 

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